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Let Charles Salvato of Holbrook, NY work on your special antique, classic or special interest auto or truck. With over 75 years of combined service, you can trust his knowledge and expertise. He has personally been driving and working on these types of vehicles since he was a young man in high school.

Experienced mechanical work

Make 75 years of combined experience work for you.

Trust your classic car or truck to someone who knows them.

Trust us with your antique, classic or special interest auto or truck because we have more than 75 years of combined experience. I have personally been driving and working on these cars since high school. I started with outboard motors.

How did it start?

Around 1990, Charles realized the need for an auto repair shop which could provide repairs on antique cars. It was Charles' love for the cars of yesterday that started Gaslite Garage Inc. With over 25 years of experience and an extensive library of resources to consult, you can rely and trust your car in his hands.

For the love of the car

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I was always interested in vintage cars. Whenever I saw something on the road or poking out of some ones back yard that was odd or older than the average car on the road it hit a soft spot. Around 1990 I started to see that the average repair shops did not have the knowledge or would even want to bother repairing or working on an older car. So I felt that there was a need for someone to bring their antique car to a place that knew what they were doing and were familiar with the cars technology. We have the experience and knowledge of these cars. We also have an extensive library. I am a big believer in opening the book rather than possibly doing double work. We understand the in and outs of 6 volt systems and all the rest of the technology of the past. We are reasonably priced and your car will be in good hands.


Charles Salvato

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