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Gaslite Garage Inc | Antique Auto Repair | Holbrook, NY

Welcome to the Gaslite Garage, in Holbrook, NY. Your car will be in good hands here at the Gaslite because we take great pride in our work. We are a family-owned garage open 6 days a week. Your car will be in our 3000 square foot modern garage that is heated and is fully insured. No vehicles are ever left outside and all work is done with care and attention to detail. Every part is bagged and marked to stay with your car.

Original Classic Car Restoration

You deserve a beautiful car in running order. Give Charles a call today to discuss what your car needs.

  • We take the time to research your car

  • We'll give you an estimate before we begin

  • We source authentic parts

  • We don't cut corners

Experienced Restoration Experts

We primarily work on engine rebuilding and restoring. Everything from 1900-1975 Chryslers, Hudsons, Packards, Studebakers, Crosley, Kaiser. Model As and Model Ts, old jags and MGs.


We are fully experienced on Model A and Model T Fords, early V8s (Flatheads) and Y-block V8s as well.

Having trouble with the overdrive on your '49 Packard? We are fully experienced on the Borg Warner overdrives used in many makes of cars.


Gyro-matic problems on that '50 Dodge? You've come to the right place. We have worked on many of the semi-automatic Mopars. 6 volt system not cranking fast enough? We are experts on making the 6 volt systems perform like new. We have rebuilt and repaired many of these vehicles and all those of the Brass Era.


We work hard to get your car running again. We also can do weather stripping, glass run channels, trunk weather stripping, and chrome plating.

Superb Engine Rebuilding and Restoration

We offer a yearly maintenance program as well. Give us a call for the details.



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